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Absolute EMS Inc. (AEMS) Supply Chain Solutions are driven by our Supply Chain Policy with commitment to completely exclude all Conflict Minerals and Metals from our supply chain while focusing on our goal to align our supply chain strategy, with our customer’s objectives to meet “time-to-market” initiatives, competitive pricing, material authenticity and uninterrupted supply chain for each individual product to create additional value to our customers. 

AEMS has 20+ years of both domestic and international supply chain management experience. Our team is focused on procuring high-quality, competitively priced materials for our diverse customer base at both the PCBA and box build levels, while adhering to RoHS, REACH, CA Prop 65 and Conflict Free Minerals and Metals requirements. 

AEMS has an extensive Counterfeit Parts Prevention Program to ensure your assemblies are equipped with authentic components.  We also support customers with programs using consigned material.

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AEMS Supply Chain Policy

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